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Dear Wife, You Are the Best Mom to our Son with Autism

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Dear Wife, You Are the Best Mom to our Son with Autism

Dear Wife,

No matter what people say or how they make you feel, it’s not your fault our child is autistic. It’s not your fault he has learning difficulties and struggles to communicate. It’s not your fault James has epilepsy. None of these things are your fault or mine; they are no one’s fault.

James is who he was born to be, who he was meant to be, with all of the challenges that brings along with all of the joys that we experience together with him as well.

For there to be “fault” there would need to be failure, inadequacy, lack… there are none of those things regarding James, not from you, me, or anyone else. James has a mix of our genes, and those have formed him into who he is, but to be blamed for any differences that this blend has created would be as absurd as finding fault in parents whose child has red hair, or is shorter, or can’t sing in tune, or is left handed.

We didn’t expect James’ additional needs, but as his mother you shine!


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