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Helping Parents Cope With A High-Risk Birth: Terror, Grief, Impotence and Anger

Life has changed; some things for the worse and some things for the better...

Tania Clarence: Is it Okay to say you are not Coping?

Unrealistic expectations are often placed on parents of special needs children...

When you can’t Cope Any More.

The ideas in this article are not just theories - they have been learnt the hard way...

Happy Mothers Day: Mothers Lie

Sometimes mothers forget how important they are...

11 Things a Special Needs Dad wants you to know

The top things Gary really wishes more people knew about special needs dads...


We don’t really have those “Kodak moments” in our family, and it’s not for lack of trying...

An Open Letter to Special Needs Professionals


Autism Acceptance: Growing Up

With a kid like mine sometimes you have to look carefully for the cues that tell you to step aside...

Dear New Parent

Dealing with the realities of raising a severely disabled child...

ADHD Mutant and Proud

A dad and daughter with ADHD...

The Pirate

There was no denying it, my boy was unusual. Big round head, like Charlie Brown. Unblinking eyes with impossible eyelashes, like Tweety Bird...

The Ballad of Special Eddie (Part 1)

Diagnosed as a bowl of neuro-spaghetti...

I Let Him In: When Depression Comes Knocking at a Special Needs Parents Door

This special needs parent talks frankly about...

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