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 In the world of special needs, hope is a hot topic.

Sleep Deprivation and Mothering a Child with Special Needs

I am sleep deprived. Not a bad mom. Not a bad wife. Not a bad homemaker, blogger or friend.

Financial Pressure Straining Marriages

Financial stress can really put a strain on a marriage

Being Cooped Up With Our Strong Willed Children Is Challenging

Please Don't Stop Inviting my Son to your Birthday Party

We can’t always make it work like we’d hope and sometimes we will have to say no....

Mom's advice on getting through Lockdown

So, how are everyone’s kids doing? How are you doing with your kids at your side all day?

The Joys of being a Special Needs Mom

You’ve taught me that life is about enjoying the journey and appreciating the small details.

Families struggle to cope with autism and puberty

“He’s having a hard time going through puberty right now.”

I Carry Him

Because sometimes, we all need someone to carry us to get us through the next hard thing, to love us through our good, bad, and weak moments.

My Battle With Anger in Special Needs Motherhood Is Never Going Away

Anger, is a real emotion that mothers are not allowed to express...

My child has special needs. Don’t feel sorry for her, or me.

Let’s end the pity parties for special-needs children and their parents, and have a real party to celebrate the differences that make our world a better — dare I say a “special” — place.

The Loneliness of Special Needs Parents

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, the isolation can almost become an even bigger battle than the diagnosis.

5 compliments you need to stop giving about children with Down Syndrome

Constant compliments can do more harm than good...

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