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It Will Get Better

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t just “get better” as quickly as I was hoping...

Five things your speech therapist wishes you knew

The ADHD Cycle

He’s a live wire. An exposed nerve. Raw and throbbing.

How to support your Unique, Quirky Child

When your child behaves differently from others, it's endearing — but is it OK?

Part 1: Pandemic emergency planning for families of children with disabilities

I hate birthdays

Even the most accepting, best adjusted, most positive people don’t “get over” those feelings...

8 Ways Special Needs Parents Can Make New Friends

Making new friends can also be a challenge for parents of special needs children...

Does it get easier?

The answer is complicated...

Positive Coping Strategies for Stress, Anxiety and Trauma During Times of Crisis

What can we do? What can we do to “turn off” or lessen this stress response? 

Do Not Say I’m Sorry!

Why would you feel sorry for my child who is special?

Keeping Hope Alive During Tough Times

I look at my daughter's face, seeing her beautiful smile gives me hope.

The Beauty of Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome

Our stories were both heavy and light. They are ones filled with real suffering and real laughter.

Finding Me

Remember the young woman who was her own person and made her own decisions...

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