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Autism: When there is no Support

Autism families shared their advice, how to deal with unsupportive people.

How to Help Your Special Needs Kid Find Real Friends

Ask any special needs parent what their number one concern for their child is...

What It's Like to Be a Kid in 'Wheel Life'

It is not your legs that make you important: Kids experience what life is like in a wheelchair

The Unexpected Road to Unexpected Blessings

 They, too, have discovered unexpected blessings like perseverance...

Dutch Boy

I stopped trying to yank him into my world and instead tried to enter his. 

When your child wont eat – not even ice cream.

My son, Ethan, does not choose to eat and has been on a prolonged hunger strike since he turned one...

How do I do what I do? Here’s my response…

A Father’s Words on Autism

I believe it is time for more fathers of children with special needs to make their voices heard

10 Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear

Parenting a child with a disability through the teen years

Having survived the transition through puberty, I know that for us, it was a roller coaster.

Dear Wife, You Are the Best Mom to Our Son With Autism

My Children Are Not Problems To Be Solved

I struggle with thinking of my boys as puzzles to be solved, as jumbled messes...

Part 2: Who will take care of my child if I get Covid?

If a child's parent or caregiver is sick with COVID-19, follow the following steps...

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