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Before you start submitting articles please read our Submission Guidelines. They describe the kinds of content we will accept and perhaps even feature on Special Kids. Special Kids editors may decline your submission if your article does not follow all guidelines. You can always contact us if you’re unclear about any guidelines. Guidelines are interpreted at editors’ discretion.

Submit original content.

We love content that you create especially for us. We also welcome you to submit content you have already published elsewhere, as long as the by-line matches your name and you own the copyright.

Be yourself: authentic and unique.

It should always be clear that your content comes from you, and that no one else could have created it. Find your voice. Submit content on topics that you’re passionate, knowledgeable, and insightful about. Use the first-person voice when appropriate, and make clear in your content how your personal experiences inform your statements and topic choices.

Be relevant, informative, useful, and engaging.

Imagine that you are a reader browsing for information on your intended topic. What information do you need to be not only satisfied, but thrilled with the resource you chose? Make sure that each piece of content is written to thoroughly inform and/or delight its intended audience.

Be succinct.

Online attention spans are short. For most topics, the ideal article length is 500 to 800 words for standard article.

1000 – 1800 words for a feature story.

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

We require correct grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuation.

Be accurate, and cite your sources.

Any information you provide that is neither common knowledge nor clearly established as something you’ve personally experienced must be drawn from a credible, cited source. At the end of your content, list any sources that informed your content, using a format that allows any reader to easily access each source.

Don’t rehash.

You must provide a fresh and unique angle on every story. Do not reword or rehash information from other sources and call it your own. This rule applies even when you cite your sources; if you’re not creating a unique and original piece of content, don’t submit to us. Sources should inform your content, and not be cobbled together to form the majority of your content.

Don’t rant.

We welcome your authentic personal perspective, but we ask you to avoid using an extremely negative tone. Criticism should be thoughtful and measured, should make clear distinctions between opinion and fact, and should cite sources when appropriate. If you just need to vent, your personal blog is a more suitable venue. Never let frustration lead you to factually misrepresent any individual, product, business, service, or other entity.

Don’t over-promote.

We welcome your genuine enthusiasm for the things you love, but if your content reads more like an advertisement then your article it’s not for us. And although our platform is a great way to find an audience for your expertise and build your personal brand, we don’t publish content that is primarily intended to sell something.


We require articles in Microsoft Word. Articles to be emailed through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It generally takes about four to six weeks for us to reply, so please be patient.

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