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Pain Management for children with Cerebral Palsy

Pain management is required for every child with Cerebral Palsy because the discomfort can bring severe...

EDU360: Managing Learning Difference. Better.

We are an independent, remedial education provider in RSA offering a world-class...

Scam or Real: 5 Steps to Evaluating Therapies and Therapeutic Remedies

A cure for many of the conditions that afflict our children does not exist yet ...

Balancing Work and your Special Needs Child

Juggling worklife and special-needs parenting can be a challenge...

Dealing with Staring

We stare at all things that are different from what we know...

How the Vestibular System Affects Your Child’s Behaviour

The vestibular system and its affects on your child’s behaviours...

When your child’s ADHD medication wears off

Does your ADHD child return home from school mentally exhausted, physically edgy, and starving...

Holidays With Special Needs Children

When you have a child with special needs a little stress management planning for the holidays...

Why we most Stop Fixing our Children: Solving the Parenting Paradox

Fixing their problems isn’t always the most sage course of action...

The Therapuetic Benefits of riding a Bicycle 

I am a big fan of bike riding because of the way it impacts and improves...

4 Ways to Win Over Your Child’s Teacher

Ever wonder what it really takes to get on the good side of your child’s teacher?

Wandsworth School

Embracing Your Special Needs Child.

How Does A Blind Child Learn?

Blind and visually impaired children experience the world in unique ways...

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