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Going into Hospital

Don’t assume the hospital will automatically know how to cope with your child’s special needs...

We don’t need a Fairytale World

We teach this nonsense to our children: that the more physical beauty you have to show...

Ordinary School or Special School?

The most important thing for your child is that he goes to the right school for him: the one where...

Reaction Time

The person is not important. Your child is. React for your child...

Caring, Connecting and Compassion

Walking beside another during a difficult time can be one of life’s most meaningful moments...

Kids Can Be So Cruel: Helping Children Cope with Bullying and Teasing about Special Needs

Kids can be cruel when it comes to teasing...

What Should I Say?! How to Talk with Your Kids about Difficult Issues

One of the biggest parenting challenges is knowing how to communicate with kids...

We need to ask for help!

You deserve all the support that people are willing to give, just start asking...

I have concerns about my child: What do I do now?

Guidelines for observing your child...

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