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Cortical Visual Impairment - A Brain based visual impairment

CVI workshops offered by international CVI experts Dr Christine Roman-Lantzy and Lindsay Hillier.

How a Kid with Special Needs affects your Marriage: Extreme Honesty

Signs that your Child needs a Remedial or Special Needs School.

Helping Your Child Develop Communication Skills

How can I Study so Hard and Still Do Badly in Tests?

The Trials of Toilet Training An Older Child With Autism

 There is almost no literature available on training the older child with autism...

Help! My child won’t sleep!

Tips written by parents for parents of children with disabilities.

Should You Tell Your Child about Their Disability or Diagnosis?

I understand why many parents don’t tell their children about their disabilities; but the kids know...

Anxiety and Coping With the Coronavirus

Managing worry — your kids’ and your own... 

Glenoaks Remedial And Special Needs School

Pulling out! From Mainstream to Homeschooling.

Sensory Seekers and Sensory Avoiders

Flat Feet in Children – What it is and How to fix

As a parent, there are always a million things on your mind: meals, milestones, memories, and much, much more.

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