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Meet the Parents

Gary and Sarah Rogers

I have learned that the journey is where life happens. That being present and grateful are the foundational building blocks of a happy life.

Rhonel van Loggerenberg

I am happiest when I see the bond between her and her brother - their love and connection is so pure and without any judgement or expectation.

Charmaine De Beer

To continue being a light in this world.

Shabir Ballim & Tasneem Carrim

Her disability does not define her; it’s a part of her.

Adesh and Nandita Kisten

The responsibility of caring for a special needs child is sometimes overwhelming, are we doing enough, are we doing the right things for him?

Eugene and Nelie Botha

Zulé has a incredibly colourful personality, that truly brightens our everyday

Nora Gideon Ekanem

The belief in evil practices is strong in Nigeria and some people avoid us for fear of contamination.

Tim and Melinda Barnes

I hope there are always people in her life who love this beautiful child of mine, as much as I do.

Stuart and Juilette Attwell

He has an unbelievable light that shines from his soul.

Matthew and Kristen De Waal

I have never known a kinder, more forgiving person than my son.

Debbie Van Den Berg

I think the world is lucky to have Sarah, her take on things and interpretations are so valuable and interesting...

Iris Mahlalela

I am strong, loving and I have resilience. They have taught me to be open minded and to enjoy every moment in life.

Veronica Popa

Everyday he gives me a chance to learn something new, something I didn't know I could do or withstand...


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meet the parents