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Meet the Parents

Emile and Vicky Labuschagne

Not only does a sick child have an affect on your marriage but on the other siblings too.

Russell and Lucy

We sought out meds as a last resort, it was almost instantaneously that we had a new kid...

Adam and Ruth Du Plessis

I wish the world took more time to see how much strength and wisdom...

Connor and Kim Kinsella

That she is loved and accepted for who she is and that she has our unconditional support.

Sandra Smits

Here’s the thing, when you don’t have a diagnosis, it’s like living in a constant cycle of heartbreak...

Mike and Anne Willemse

Craig is such a leveller. He asks for nothing yet gives so much.

Adam and Robyn Frost

I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish this all wasn’t happening...

Andrew and Kerry Van Der Walt

We aren’t looking ahead, we are living in the now - learning and consulting with professionals to work out how to help Max...

Jeff and Rhonda Fritz

Debbie will blossom and bloom as she grows older, the world is her oyster - if only she can have access to it!

Michael and Dalene Swart

Cystic fibrosis is complex and sometimes downright frightening...

Japie and Chrisna Leeuwner

Japie can give a mega-hug, which makes me feel like the best mom in the world...

Chevone Petersen

I enjoy writing, it is the one place where I can submerge myself into being me...

Barry and Liz Will

For Garry to continue finding simple pleasures in the everyday...


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meet the parents