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Welcome to Special Kids online. Special Kids has adapted from a printed publication to an online hub of resources, and we hope that your transition from paper to digital will be a painless one, as we continue to provide you with what you have come to expect from the magazine. Our intention is still to offer support, information and resources to a South African professionals and parents of special needs children, and to connect, encourage and uplift families who are faced with a unique set of challenges. We speak to the broad spectrum of disabilities, offering relevant and dynamic content, sourced from all over the world. We hope that our choice of content speaks to your needs, challenges your way of seeing things, and leaves you feeling that you are not alone in the circumstances that you face. Now that we are not restricted by space, we are excited to offer a broader range of content and resources, and hope to be able to service a wider audience that remains isolated and under resourced. Building and developing a sense of community among those of us touched by our special children.

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